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The BSM story begins in 1973, when Bozano Simonsen Bank and Montreal Engenharia SA, stimulated by the prospect of a major expansion in the market of construction and industrial assembly, decided to found a company to provide the rental of heavy equipment, outsourcing of cargo handling services, and also port operations and logistics support services. This is BSM Machinery and Equipment.

After 38 years of hard work there is a proud feeling of having achieved the recognition and reliability of all our clients through professionalism and commitment. It is highlighted by the fast acceptance and the way we provide solutions to very complex challenges. What is also considered a challenge is the constant search for expansion and quality in keeping ever-increasing the degree of satisfaction of our partners. In addition, we expanded the activities levels with logistics services in ​civil construction area and renewable energy.

Considered one of the main characteristics is the quick and effective action, specially in the oil, gas and petrochemical segments that, due to the lack of physical space available, becomes a highly challenging work environment. During ten years of service to PETROBRAS, we have acquired the know-how in the areas of storage, packaging, containerization, unitization and movement of loading, transport and port management.

With all these information regarding the Company, it´s followed on this website what BSM can offer to you!


“This is BSM Engenharia S/A.”

Av. Cel Phidias Távora 700 | Pavuna, Rio de Janeiro - RJ | CEP 21535-510 | Tel: (21) 3452-9450 | (21) 3613.5858

Rua Lady Esteves da Conceição, 525 | Novo Cavaleiro, Macaé - RJ | CEP 27933-420 | Tel: (22) 2765.4777

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