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We have mobile cranes, on wheels and belts, fit to accurately perform any lifting, movement and foundation tasks. Cranes with the capacity of 25 to 500 tons. Quick, versatile and ready to meet the needs of your company.

We offer innovative and reliable crane solutions to be operated in the most diverse conditions.

Our engineering department will be available to conduct RIGGING studies using CAD.

Allied to the technology and innovation, we have a team of highly qualified professionals trained according to the technical standards required to offered to our clients the best cost, time and safety alternatives.

Contact one of our technicians to clarify eventual doubts about equipment, quotations and services:

“We are BSM Engenharia S/A”.

Av. Cel Phidias Távora 700 | Pavuna, Rio de Janeiro - RJ | CEP 21535-510 | Tel: (21) 3452-9450 | (21) 3613.5858

Rua Lady Esteves da Conceição, 525 | Novo Cavaleiro, Macaé - RJ | CEP 27933-420 | Tel: (22) 2765.4777

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