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Integrated Logistics

Presenting a solid platform of integrated logistics services in of offshore operations support, we provide efficiently and effectively cranes, forklifts, carts, trucks, special containers and qualified personnel.
We operate in the Supply Chain that supplies offshore platforms in Campos Basin. We provide material handling services in industrial units using BSM forklifts and cranes or our clients'. Services in loading, storage, classification and material control in warehouses, are performed as well.

In recent years we have consolidated as a leading company trough logistics operations for PETROBRAS in Macaé - RJ. During this period we have loaded more than 6,000,000 tons and managing more than 15 million hours|man.

Focusing on logistics excellence, we have acquired the latest equipment, qualified personnel for movement(loading), storage, control and cargo transportation, including a 24 hour call center with GPS systems in order to monitor the material.

Our goal is highly connected to our client´s success, integration of processes, alignment of supply chain, on the information technology systems and on the performance measurement systems.

BSM is able to provide services with reliability in the performance, flexibility and quick response when solving unforeseen or adverse situations, optimizing resources. Propose a full interaction with the client providing proactive information and communication with credibility.

Contact one of our technicians to clarify eventual doubts about equipment, quotations and services:

This is BSM Engenharia S/A”.


Av. Cel Phidias Távora 700 | Pavuna, Rio de Janeiro - RJ | CEP 21535-510 | Tel: (21) 3452-9450 | (21) 3613.5858

Rua Lady Esteves da Conceição, 525 | Novo Cavaleiro, Macaé - RJ | CEP 27933-420 | Tel: (22) 2765.4777

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