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Port Operations

BSM offer from the most simple storage and cargo transport(load), to the most complex logistics process.

The process involves a set of stages, including: planning, implementation, flow control, economical and efficient storage of goods, including information from origin to final destination.

We have consolidated our know-how in port operations as logistics operator for PETROBRAS for ten consecutive years. We have reached the number of 1913 equipment for unitizing, cargo handling and transportation. We surpassed the mark of 100% of real gain in the programmed port time for loading and unloading of vessels. 

Our units are strategically located along the southeast coast and are ready to explore the potential of offshore cargo flow in the major ports in the region, providing our clients, port logistics with quality, dealing with a competitive price.

Contact our technicians to clarify eventual doubts about equipment, quotations and services:

“This is BSM Engenharia S/A”.

Av. Cel Phidias Távora 700 | Pavuna, Rio de Janeiro - RJ | CEP 21535-510 | Tel: (21) 3452-9450 | (21) 3613.5858

Rua Lady Esteves da Conceição, 525 | Novo Cavaleiro, Macaé - RJ | CEP 27933-420 | Tel: (22) 2765.4777

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